Material Handling Solutions

Polycord is commonly referred to as poly cord, urethane cord or polyurethane cord. It is the standard material in producing polyurethane belts/ polyurethane orings. It comes on rolls and we sell it by the foot.

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These are used in numerous applications. The most common application is in material handling equipment. These are lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyors, pop up diverters, and transfer systems. Conveyor systems are found in large distribution centers and large manufacturers throughout the world.

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Twisted o-rings are an excellent alternative to polyurethane belts for lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyors, or transfer belts in the material handling industry.

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We stock both Regular Spools and Split Spools for your Line Shaft Conveyors. Our Regular Spools are tough and manufactured to keep up with the daily operations of a large Distribution Center.

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Industrial Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Superior Bands is your Material Handling Solutions Provider. We service mom and pop distribution all the way up to multi million square foot facilities with multiple locations. We sell direct to end users and to your favorite distributor.

Some of the Material Handling Solutions for conveyor systems that we specialize in include:

  • Poly urethane o rings / o ring drive belts
  • Twisted o rings / Quick connect belts / Conveyor Bands
  • Spools / Standard Spools / Split Spools / Key Spools
  • Transfer Belts / Transfer Bands / Quick Connect Transfer Bands
  • Diverter Belts / Diverter Bands / Quick Connect Diverter Bands

If you have a material handling problem, we have a material handling solution for you. We understand the pressures of trying to fulfill to the online orders and distribution chain. We focus primarily on this area of conveyor systems to help you run smoother and have less down time.

We offer free samples to help you with your Material Handling Solution, and if you are having serious problems we can come out and provide a survey and help you determine how to get your line running more efficiently and correctly.

Our Material Handling Solution is simple. Our philosophy is to keep everything simple, look for the easiest solution and best solution for you. If it is not us, we are okay with that as long as you keep running and keep up with the demands of the fast pace distribution world. That’s why we provide a 100 % guarantee on our Material Handling Solutions for you.

Call us today for free samples on any of our Material Handling Solutions or if you have a problem you would like for us to help solve.

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