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Our History

Est. 1953

Superior Bands sells directly to retail end users, warehouse distribution centers, and machine manufacturers. You can buy directly from us online, just click on our shop button. You can also give us a call. Since 1953 Superior Bands has been manufacturing here in South Carolina. We are a second generation family owned company. We are easily reachable and will work with you on any project you might have. Superior Band's belts encompass three major industries on several different manufacturer's machines: Textile Machines, Plastic Bag Making Equipment, Material Handling Conveyors, Laundry Flatwork Ironers and Folders.

In the very early years of Superior Bands, textiles were a driving force in the South. Superior Bands focused on this industry by developing the Three Ply Rubber Covering Machine Belt that became the industry standard. For decades this was the primary belt for Superior Bands, but as textiles were taken overseas, the entire textile industry in the United States declined.

During that time, Superior Bands was developing a round hook and loop belt for the Plastic Bag Industry, specifically for Wicketer Machines. We also have developed several style flat cotton endless belts for the plastic bag industry that are in our daily production. Several plastic bag equipment manufacturers recognized the durability and flexibility of Superior Bands and are using our belts to this day.

Today with the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in most Distribution Centers and Manufacturing facilities, the concept of zero or no downtime has been introduced. Our hook and loop rope twisted o rings bring that concept into practice on line shaft conveyors and transfer belts.

The largest machine manufacturers in the United States utilize our belts in their production models. Textile Machines, Plastic Bag Making Machines, and Material Handling Conveyor Machines count on our belts to create and move products. We sell directly to end users retail, just click on our shop button at the top of the page, or give us a call today with any questions.

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