Community Involvement

Superior Bands is a second generation Privately held company. We give back to many local charities here in the United States. As we grow and expand internationally sometimes we can’t stop ourselves from getting involved helping out with other communities outside of the United States.

South America is one of those areas and in particular the busy up and coming City of Colombia Medellin. Colombia has a rapid growing economy and as their infrastructure grows they have realized how great our bands help with keeping their distribution centers moving. On a visit to Colombia we fell in love with the coffee, the people, and the soccer.

We were asked to sponsor a little league soccer team in the mountains of a small coffee pueblo southwest of Medellin. We said yes, and we have been enjoying the updates on their success as a team, and we as a company have enjoyed the benefits of creating relationships internationally.

New cultures, new ideas, and an openness to change has had a great impact on our company culture and the success of our bands.