Conveyor Belts and Bands

Polycord is commonly referred to as poly cord, urethane cord or polyurethane cord. It is the standard material in producing polyurethane belts/ polyurethane orings. It comes on rolls and we sell it by the foot.

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These are used in numerous applications. The most common application is in material handling equipment. These are lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyors, pop up diverters, and transfer systems. Conveyor systems are found in large distribution centers and large manufacturers throughout the world.

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Twisted o-rings are an excellent alternative to polyurethane belts for lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyors, or transfer belts in the material handling industry.

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We stock both Regular Spools and Split Spools for your Line Shaft Conveyors. Our Regular Spools are tough and manufactured to keep up with the daily operations of a large Distribution Center.

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Material Handling

Superior Bands focuses in several key markets to help production in Distribution Centers and industrial manufacturers. Moving material from one location to another efficiently and properly. Our own production studies and improvements since 1953 have helped us improve work flow for countless distributors, distribution centers and manufacturers throughout the United States and the world. Materials handling solutions is one of the keys to running a successful operation. Our material handling solutions focus on organization of process and drastically reducing downtime.

Some of the great improvements we have implemented include:

Color Coding- We color code our bands so you know exactly where to place them. We use this technique in large and small manufacturers. If you mark your machine the same color as the “band” you are using you will never have problems putting the wrong band in the wrong location. In a busy Industrial Material Handling environment, it is very easy to place the wrong band on the wrong application. Color coding is a very simple fix. This is a very old and very wise technique. This works extremely well for distinguishing lineshaft bands from roller to roller bands. It is also very helpful in marking transfer belts that differ in length. We offer color coding on our rope twisted bands and we can color code your polyurethane o rings.

Transfer belts- Transfer belts are key in moving totes and boxes on conveyor lines for distributors and distribution warehouses but when it comes time to change them a difficult task can become an impossible task. First the decision to either break the machine apart or try to weld together the belt while the machine is still in tack needs to be made. Neither of these are a good solution. You need to have the exact belt size and using the old stretched out belt to determine the size is not going to work. Breaking the machine down creates downtime. This means lost money. Our solution is a hook and loop rope belt. Our hook and loop belts for these longer transfer belts 68”-85” x 3/8” (most common sizes) last approximately 6 months. The key is the cost of these bands are about a ¼ of what you pay for the same polyurethane endless belt. You can run two years for the same price meaning no line stoppage at all for two years. Overall the financial sense works making this task easy and keeping product moving. These belts are also color coded so you never put the wrong transfer belt on the wrong location.

Spools- Many distribution centers and large manufacturers will place extra polyurethane o-rings on their line shaft to the side to use when the others break. This saves valuable time and prolongs the life of the current run time of their conveyor. To help with this concept when a spool breaks or no longer functions we offer a split spool. This split spool separates in half and reconnects around the line shaft. There is no need to break the lines haft down for installation. This eliminates down time in this case.

These are a few of the material handling solutions we recommend for distributors, distribution centers, and industrial manufacturers to eliminate downtime and help organize the process of moving materials throughout a facility. Call us today and we can help implement any material handling solutions with you.

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