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4 7/8″ Two-Ply Cotton Roll

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4 7/8″ Roll – Two-Ply Cotton


Reduce downtime in plastic manufacturing with an adequate supply of two-ply cotton rolls.

When there’s a disruption in production due to broken belts, it’s critical to be prepared with backup sets for the line. This is where our two-ply cotton rolls come in. Made from two-ply cotton, these rolls are great replacements as they can boost your machine’s durability. Each roll contains 85 yards; you can create flexible cut lengths for specific belting applications.

If you can’t cut these rolls on-site, go for our pre-cut and sewn two-ply cotton belting. Otherwise, keeping a stock of cotton rolls for endless belting makes perfect sense, especially if you’re running a huge plastic manufacturing operation all year long. Save hours of downtime and labor costs associated with running out of endless belting supplies on site.

We’re Your Trusted Parts Supplier

With years of experience, Superior Bands has become one of the most trusted parts suppliers for the plastic manufacturing industry in the US. We maintain high standards in everything we do—from the tools we use to the quality control systems we employ. When you order from us, you can expect nothing but top-quality two-ply cotton rolls for belting.

We match that expertise with top-notch customer service. Buying from us is easy—no matter the quantity. You can place your order right here on this website. Our team also does its best to provide fast shipment. After all, we want to help you reduce or even eliminate downtime.

Order Two-Ply Cotton Rolls Online

Ready to buy 4 7/8′′two-ply cotton rolls? Fill out the order box above and tell us the number of rolls you need. Don’t forget to click the add-to-cart button to go to the next step. If you’re not ready yet to purchase, why don’t you try our free samples? Contact us for more details.

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Weight 27.00 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 21.00 × 5.00 in


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