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Polyurethane O-Rings (3/16″)

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Keep your conveyors and other machines up and running with quality polyurethane O-rings.

Polyurethane belts, also called O-rings, are key components when installing or modifying conveyor systems or other machines that use pulley-to-shaft mechanisms. These belts may seem small, but they have a huge impact on keeping your production or operations efficient.

Whether you run ten line-shaft conveyors or 100 powered-roller conveyor machines, it’s best to keep a steady supply of conveyor belts or O-rings. That way, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks before you can restore your full operations should one or 20 machines fail. Turn to Superior Bands for a bulk supply of clear, top-quality polyurethane O-rings (3/16′′).

Stock Up on Polyurethane O-Rings to Reduce Downtime

Our O-rings are manufactured using a stretchable material called polyurethane. As such, these endless drive belts no longer need belt tensioners, reducing your expenses on parts. Plus, the material makeup of polyurethane is impressive. Polyurethane O-rings can ensure smooth material handling since they are non-marking, non-fraying, and resistant to bends.

Our polyurethane O-rings also come with the following specifications:

  • Durometer: 83/85A (Resilient to damage from heavy products traveling over the conveyor.)
  • Temperature range: 30°-130°F (Other temperature options are available upon request.)
  • Size: 3/16′′ (Other sizes are available in our shop.)

Place Your Bulk Orders Today

At Superior Bands, we recognize the need for a large supply of parts like O-rings. That’s why we offer huge discounts on bulk orders. Place your bulk today, and you can get up to a 75% discount. Plus, getting polyurethane O-rings in bulk will keep your stock level optimal. You don’t have to worry about massive downtime should you need to install new O-rings or replace broken ones. In material handling and any other operations, every second counts.

Place your order today. Want to try sample products first? Give us a call to arrange that.

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Weight 0.01875 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × .12 × .12 in
Length (Whole Inches)

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