Conveyor Belt Welding

Poly o rings are made by welding together poly cord. A welding tool, cord cutter, and a gripper are used in the process. The poly cord can be welded onto the conveyor system without taking the line shaft apart. However, the conveyor system will need to be stopped while you are welding. We only recommend welding poly cord if you have had experience doing so. It can be a complicated process. Poly cord must be cut at specific lengths for it to function and provide a long lifespan. This is due to the stretch factor of the poly cord. Poly o rings are made shorter to stretch to conveyor size to have full power.

We have 2 different welding kits available. Both kits include a carrying case. All parts can also be purchased separately.

Standard welding kit:

Heavy duty welding kit:

We offer poly cord to make your own poly o rings, Poly o rings, and twisted o rings along with several types of spools. Check out our online store, or call us today.

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