Arnold Machine Belts

Superior Bands originated in the textile in industry. The Arnold bands are what started our company. Our bands are made from high quality yarn. They will keep your spindles covering your products smoothly and evenly. We manufacture Arnold bands for outside spindles and inside spindles with up to 8,500 RPM. With a life span of up to 8 months.

3 Ply Arnold Machine Bands

  • 7 Turn Short- Inside Spindles, Up to 8,000 RPM, Heavier Packages- Blue with Black Tip
  • 7 Turn Long- Outside Spindles, Up to 8,000RPM, Heavier Packages- Blue
  • 4 Turn Short- Inside Spindles, High Speed- White with Orange tip
  • 4 Turn Long- Outside Spindles, High Speed- White

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