Polycord, also referred to as urethane or polyurethane cord, is the standard material in producing polyurethane belts and O-rings. It can be used to make line shaft O-rings, roller-to-roller O-rings, divert O-rings, and much more. Polycord comes in spools of various diameters (1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8”), durometers ranging from 80A-95A, textures (standard, orange, rough green, high tension, reinforced), and colors, which is then cut to the necessary length. See below for common uses of each texture:

  • Standard: for most standard activities
  • Orange: for divert applications when transferring boxes between conveyors (85A)
  • Rough Green: for lightweight handling (88A, 90A)
  • High-Tension:  for heavyweight items. Comes is various colors (blue, red, green) based on maximum weight (88A)

There are many pros and cons to using polycord versus prewelded(endless) poly O-rings.

No tearing down machine  Downtime
Cheaper  Must purchase welding tool/kit
May be easier to apply  More manual labor
Ability to create new sizing yourself  Higher error potential

  Before placing your polycord order, you will need to know your durometer, diameter, cut length, texture, and color (usually clear).


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