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Super Band
Super Band- Long Lasting O ring drive belt alternative

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We have spent the last two years developing a “SUPER BAND”. A hook and loop band, or quick connect O Ring that will last. One that will continue to reshape the material handling world that you and I live in. You probably know our cotton twisted O Ring with its easy-to-use hook and loop that replaces your o ring drive belt. It does great replacing polyurethane belts, but we wanted to do better. We wanted to get something out into distribution centers that could really last longer. Don’t get us wrong. We love our cotton twisted O rings that replace any o ring belt. You can still buy them online. Just go to the next category that says Cotton Twisted O rings. Our Cotton Twisted O Rings work great and they last a long time and enable distribution centers to better plan maintenance and schedule a better time to do O Ring Drive Belt maintenance when O ring drive belts start to fail. We reccomend all distribution centers to keep 15-30% twisted O rings of any kind on the shelf. When a line shuts down, it costs tens of thousands of dollars up to millions every hour that product is not moving. The stress it causes to employees to try to change O Ring Drive Belts quickly is too much, and the damage to the bottom line with lines down is too much. Having twisted O rings on the shelf next to your O rings is a smart insurance policy.
We have always been happy with our Twisted Cotton O rings, for standard one shift operations they last a long time.
We tried not to innovate. We thought about it for years. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from wanting to improve. Polyurethane O-rings, urethane belts, and o ring drive belts are so hard to change. It also creates so much downtime. We didn’t want people to switch to hook and loop bands and then switch back to o ring drive belts a few months later. We wanted to give more time to be able to plan, and also to be able to make that decision if it was even worth going back to O Ring Drive Belts. In a demanding high volume distribution center, we needed a twisted O ring that would last longer. We needed a “Super Band”.
We were feeling isolated from the outside world with Covid, so we dug deep within ourselves and our product. This research and design created the birth of the SUPER BAND. A hook and loop band made from a high tenacity, high abrasion resistant yarn. This is a direct replacement for O-ring drive belts, and urethane belts. We wanted something that could last in the most difficult running environments. And something that would cost less. A better product for a better price. When is the last time you heard that?
If you are looking for something to eliminate down time in your warehouse or you want your maintenance team to love you for not making them get on their hands and knees to change Poly O-rings, o ring drive belt, or a polyurethane O-Ring. This is the product. The world moves so fast today, you don’t have time to shut down to change Poly O-rings. And you definitely don’t want your maintenance team to throw their hands up in the air and quit. Who would make all this stuff go out the door?
These Super Bands last longer than our twisted cotton O-rings, and completely outlast twisted poly O-rings. We set the bar high and wanted to make a hook and loop twisted O-ring that would legitimately replace the industry standard of the clear endless poly O-ring.
We set our goal for our SUPER BANDS high to replace the O ring belt completely. It is a big ask, and so far at eight months, our Super Bands look brand new in a highly rugged environment. Our goal for our SUPER BANDS is 18-24 months +. When we know the results, we will update them here. We hope it will be a long time before we know the answer.
This has been a two-year process of learning to work with the abrasion resistant stretchy yarn that we make in house. We had to get the right stretch for the SUPER BANDS. We then had to learn to work with the yarn that is tough as they come. It has been a journey for us, just to get to this point.
For us, it is a slow methodical process that is in the details. We learned more about ourselves and our inhouse yarn making machines then we have in the last 67 years of our business. We would like to thank those people that helped us along the way. The companies that still support manufacturing in the USA and still provide parts for textile machines, and also thank the distribution centers that have put our “SUPER BANDS” on as the first testers. The SUPER BAND is something that has shown us more about ourselves in the last two years and we hope the depth that we explored will be demonstrated in the length and operating ability of the SUPER BAND.
We encourage you to try them today. Where else can you get a better product for a better price? Is that even possible today? Or does it take a SUPER BAND to make that happen?
Here are the sizes and color codes- This will run a 3/16” diameter or a ¼” diameter Poly O-Ring Drive Belt, match your current new POLY O-Ring Size to our part number:
Poly O-Ring size Part Number Color
9.5”-10.5” 7.5-6-2PSBW White
11”-12.15” 9-6-2PSBY Yellow
12.5”-13.5” 10-6-2PSBO Orange
13.75”-14.75” 11-6-2PSBBLK Black

We guarantee that you will love these. You can order online under our product section of SUPER BANDS. Just match your new Poly O-Ring size to the part number. If you have trouble getting your size, give us a call. We can place the order for you. You can also email us and we can place the order and send a link to pay.

Rick Robertson
Superior Bands

Additional information

Weight .0018 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × .18 × .18 in
Poly Size

, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Rope-Twisted Size

, , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White

2 reviews for “Super Bands” – New Product

  1. Timothy Moore

    The new super band is definitely a time saver and so far they have held up to the wear and tear of our conveyor belt system. I highly recommend these bands they are easy to install, and would not be without them. Timothy Moore Gummer Wholesales, Heath, Ohio.

  2. John Tremmel (verified owner)

    Changing bands on our shipping conveyor has always been a massive time suck. We were able to replace 50 broken bands with superbands in less than 30 minutes. They have been operating without issue since.

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