Flatwork Ironer Belts

Flatwork ironer belts are an essential component to your industrial ironer’s functionality. We offer belting for brands including Chicago, Braun, Sharp, Electrolux, Jenson, and many more. Some of our most common customers work in hospitality, medical, and linen services, but we cater to all industries. Our flatwork ironer belts can utilize clipperlace to connect the two ends together, or they can be glued and sewn. Clipperlace is a forked mechanism that is held together by a pin. It allows for easier installation and less downtime. To ensure you receive the correct belting for your machine, please reference the below list of hints and recommendations before placing an order:

  • What material is your belt? Is it stretchy or tough? Is it one-ply or two-ply?
  • What is the width of your belt?
  • What is the length of your belt?
  • How many belts do you need?

If you cannot determine any of these items, contact us. We may be able to assist you and/or send samples to determine proper sizing.

laundry flatwork ironer

Laundry Sample Ring - FREE

Call or email us today for your FREE laundry sample ring. sales@superiorbands.com 864-226-6142 This showcases all the belts and guide tapes that we offer and make inhouse from the materials that we offer. We specialize in clipper lace ribbons and belts.

laundry flatwork ironer

Goldline: Cotton with poly-fill and a gold stripe running down either side.

Goldline also known as Canvas or cotton belting is the industry standard for 3" feeder ribbon and 2" folder machines. We stock both and manufacture belting from it. Our standard lead time is 1-2 days not 5-6 weeks. Email or call us today with your needs or shop online. We sell direct to facilities with one machine or many.

laundry flatwork ironer

Anti-Static: Cotton belt with anti-static yarn weaved within gray lines.

Antistatic belting helps remove static from your operation. It is available in 2" and 3" widths. We manufacture 2" belts and 3" belts from this material for facilities that are having static problems. Call, email or purchase online today.

laundry flatwork ironer

Folder Ribbons - Goldline

We manufacture a lot of 2" folder ribbon for laundry facilities. We wanted to show this specifically as we make these a lot, and our lead times are only 1-2 days.

laundry flatwork ironer

Elastic: Stretch elastic belt that comes in all white.

2" elastic stretch is a common ribbon for us. It has a slight stretch to it and we manufacture ribbon / belting with it.

laundry flatwork ironer

Rubberized (Griptred): Non-stretch belt with anti-slip rubber.

2" Grip Tred or Euro Grip is common in laundry facilities, whether it is used on a folder or a stacker. This belting has a rubber grip embedded in the 2" ribbon. We manufacture belting from this material also.

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