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Superior Bands, Inc.

Est. 1953
Three Generations

Superior Bands has been a family-owned and -operated manufacturer in the upstate of South Carolina since 1953. We began by providing elastic stretchy quick connect bands for Arnold Machines in the textile industry. Our three ply hook and loop bands were the industry standard and ran just about every mill in the United States that produced any kind of elastic yarn. We have adapted the art of band making to use our hook and loop stretch bands on bag machines and line shaft and roller to roller conveyors. These quick connect belts eliminate downtime and help keep manufacturing facilities and distribution centers moving product down their production and warehouse lines.

We have now grown to include O ring drive belts, poly O rings, and poly twisted belts for material handling conveyors, line shaft conveyors,  and roller to roller conveyors. We have also expanded into industrial laundry flat work ironers to include clipper lace 2″ belts and 3″belts.

Throughout this growth, we have taken strides to provide more convenience and efficiency to customers; Whether you want to reach out by phone, send us an email, or buy online. We are here manufacturing in the United States to help you keep running your operation.

We consider quality to be the most important aspect of running a business. Every product manufactured within our facility undergoes a multi-step quality control process. In order to provide quality products and services, we aim to eliminate every defect before it leaves the building.

We hope that we can continue doing what we love to do for many generations. Thank you!!

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