Flat Cotton Belting

In the late 1980's, Superior Bands Inc. teamed up with a smaller bag Machine company named Roan. We developed elastic rope cotton belts for their new wicketer machines. They also reached out to us to develop a flat sewn cotton endless belt for their take away conveyors in 1" and 4 7/8" wide lengths.

Most recently we have developed a two ply cotton belt in 1" and 4 7/8" widths. The benefit of these belts are less down time. Even though they are endless and you will still be breaking apart the machine. The average savings on downtime is about 45 minutes. These two ply cotton belts are ready to run immediately. There is no major adjustments or fiddling with the machines. Less downtime equals more production. Our research shows that the higher cost is offset by the lack of down time. Also the two ply belting has more surface area to glue together and the two ply cotton belting has a longer life span. You can purchase directly from our online store. Just click the shop button on the upper right hand side of this page.

We have, and always will, focus on belting so you can focus on the big picture.

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