Flatwork Ironer Belts

Superior Bands has been manufacturing belting since 1953. Our focus is quality and working with you to get the right belt. We have a 100% guarantee and will replace any belt for any reason. We work directly with the mill to manufacture belting and ribbon so we can make improvements and reduce costs. We manufacture all our belting in house so we can quality control it and make sure there are no issues. We have been manufacturing “clipper lace belts” for decades. We sell direct to Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Linen Services. We give instant net 30 terms and accept all credit cards.

We manufacture clipper lace belts for Chicago, Braun, Sharp,Electrolux, and many foreign model flatwork ironers, folders, and stackers. If you have a clipper lace belt in your finishing department we can probably make it. Some things that will help in the ordering process:

  • What is the material of the belt. Is the clipper lace belt elastic and stretchy or does it not move when you try to pull it apart long ways. If it moves it is elastic, if it does not than it is standard. Does it seem to be one ply of material or two ply- ply refers to layers, does it seem to be one layer of material or two.
  • Measure the width of the belt.
  • What is the length of your clipper lace belt- ( measure a belt or check records of previous orders)
  • Count the number of belts you need.
  • If you can’t get any of this information depending on the manufacturer we can look up the information and help you find the sizes.
  • If you have problems we can walk you through the process, just call
  • Also look below and see if you recognize the material

chicago flatwork ironer belt
clipper belt lace
chicago ironer

Laundry Tape, Flatwork Ironer belts, Feeder ribbons, lower conveyor ribbons,and return ribbons are basically all the same products. They are a “textile belt” which just means it is a woven material held together by a clipper lace. A clipper lace is the wire and pin locking system that holds together the two ends of the material. Chicago, Braun, Electrolux and many more manufacturers out there all have commercial laundry ironers, folders and stackers. They all use this style of belting to convey laundry. We can help you get the right belt so you can focus on your laundry facility and your production.

There are so many widths and lengths and styles of belting for flatwork ironers, laundry folders, and laundry stackers that we cannot list them all. The most common styles of clipper lace belts for these machines are made of the following materials:

laundry flatwork ironer

“Goldline”-(Cotton with poly fill with two gold stripes- most economical)

Quick connect belt

Two Ply Cotton (Two layers of cotton with brown lines down side)

Anti-static cotton belt

Anti Static (Cotton belt with antistatic yarn running through cotton in gray)

Cotton belt with antistatic yarn

“Chicago Style” (all cotton belt with red and blue stripes)

Chicago Style

Elastic ( an elastic stretchy belt made in white)

elastic stretch belt

Elastic with Center Line

(Developed by Superior Bands- Elastic white with Black Center line to speed up production- easier to center pillow cases and sheets)

Rubberized Ribbon

Rubberized Ribbon (2” grip tred non stretch)

We offer belts from widths of 1” up, and if we don’t have it on the shelf we can manufacturer it immediately. Our belts are made at a competitive price with well made materials. Not sure what you need give us a call. We can help get the right set of belts to you usually with a phone call or an email with pictures.

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