Polyurethane O Rings, Polyurethane Belts, Urethane Belting, and O-Ring Belt

Polyurethane O Rings, Polyurethane Belts, Urethane Belting, and O-Ring Belt

Polyurethane O rings are the industry standard for most motor pulley to shaft applications. They are used to drive machines and operate them in many different applications including; Line shaft conveyors, robotics, engravers, roller to roller conveyors, pop up diverters, sorters, Laundry machines, Distribution Center conveyors and transfers, Tire manufacturing, printing machines, and countless other industries all use polyurethane o rings.

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There are two ways to get a properly fitting o ring if you do not know what size you need.

Method one would be to measure an unused o ring that goes on your application

  • Cut the o ring.
  • Measure the o rings length against a ruler. This is your cut length.
  • Measure the diameter. This is your diameter.
  • Check the color to determine the durometer.

It is important to measure an unused o ring because of the stretch factor. If the measurement was taken off an old stretched out o ring this could result in a loose-fitting o ring. A loose-fitting o ring will not provide the tension needed to run the machine properly or could work for a short while, giving you a much shorter lifespan.

What to do if you do not have an unused o ring for an application?

The answer is simple use method two-the tapeline measurement method.

Method two is getting the tape line measurement and multiplying it by .90. This will give you the cut length that you need. To get the tape line measurement, measure where the o ring will run. A soft tape measure or a piece of string can be used. Be sure to make a complete circle and mark your string where the circle is complete. The piece of string is then measured against a ruler to give the measurement.

Method two (Line Shaft Conveyor Example):

  • You measure your conveyor from around the roller down around the lineshaft in the groove of the spool and back up around the roller. You mark it. You measure the string and it is 15” (A very common tape line measurement of lineshaft conveyors)
  • You take the 15” and multiply it by .90 This gives you the cut length of the Polyurethane O ring of 13.5”
  • Now measure the diameter
  • Next check the color
  • If you have any problems or need assistance in getting measurements call us for assistance Superior Bands 1-800-227-2906. We can walk you through the process or we can send free samples based on your old size.

Polyurethane belts or o-ring belts are ordered using the following specs:

  • Diameter- this is the thickness of the belt- anywhere from 1/8” to almost any thickness. The most common are 1/8”, 3/16, and 1/4”.
  • Durometer- this is the stiffness or hardness of the polyurethane or urethane- 60A-100A, 83A or 85A is the most common
  • Cut length- this is the actual cut length of the belt before it is welded together- This is what causes the majority of problems for customers. The 83A durometer polyurethane belt or o-ring belt stretches 8%-12%.
  • Color or material of Polyurethane belt- The most common urethane belting is clear. It also comes in a translucent blue, a rough surface green, and an orange for thicker less stretching applications.

Superior Bands is a supplier for polyurethane O-rings throughout the United States and the world. Regardless of the application for your o ring, give us a call and we can work with you to get the proper size. We offer samples and onsite visits to help get your machines up and running.

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