Wicketer Belts

Wicket plastic bag making machines are a large part of the bag making industry. Many manufacturers still produce this style machine and there are many machines out on production floors. These machines use wicketer belts to run them.

Wicketer belts are a rope twisted band with a hook on one side and a loop on the other. The standard color is white. The material of the rope is quite “stretchy”. These are made to be stretchy to help with the running of the wicket machine. This helps move the plastic bags over together. These bands have been used on wicket bag machines since the development of this style machine.

wicketer belts

We currently manufacture these bands here in house and can make them in several different lengths and diameters. We can match what you have from our current inventory or if you want something different, just give us a call. We are always trying to improve our bands to help make your production more beneficial.

We stock all standard sizes and some of the less common sizes. Our normal production time is usually running two to three days if it is not in stock.

We give instant net 30 terms and also accept all credit cards.

wicketer belts

Determining your size: The best way to determine what size you have is to use a new unused band. First determine the diameter. This is usually 3/16” or ¼”. Next measure the length. Because of the “stretchy” factor our bands can vary in lengths, we have a tolerance of + or - ¼” in lengths 18” and under and 1” in 19” and over. This is possible as cooking conditions, temperature and humidity can affect the outcome of our oven procedure on our bands. Our stretch factor is key as it provides the tension required.

If you do not have an unused band, give us a call with the diameter and what size you have of the used band. We can usually determine the proper size over the phone, and if we can’t we can send samples to you to test, free of charge.

wicketer belts

We also retrofit any new machine to use our bands. Many newer companies have used other style belts that do not function as well and are too difficult to change. Many times we are aware of these machines and already have a belt functioning. This includes some of the conveyors that use round belts in several different style plastic bag machines. If you have an application give us a call, we might already have a belt in production for it, and if we don’t we can make one and provide samples within a few day.

If you’re running a wicketer plastic bag machine then we have a “stretchy band” to run that machine.

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