Benefits of Implementing Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma was created to decrease downtime, which is key to all distribution and manufacturing centers worldwide. We saw the potential in this idea and adopted it within our facility. This adaptation has changed our entire process from start to finish.

Time Savings

The time savings may be the most beneficial aspect to our customers. By carrying a consistent stock of our most popular products, we are able to ship most orders containing these items within two business days. This also means that orders containing more unpopular products are usually able to be in production almost instantaneously.

Money Savings

Carrying a slim inventory can virtually eliminate overhead costs. Additional savings has been found in the decreased amount of unsold bands being wasted.

Lean Six Sigma and YOU

The adaptation of Lean Six Sigma may sound intimidating, but the end results will significantly save you time, money, and headaches. We started with baby steps: placing a small trash can by each machine to prevent employees from walking to the large trash can across the room. From here, we walked through our facility and made note of everything that could be changed/updated. Some of the simplest fixes can save the most money.

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