Twisted O-Rings

Twisted o-rings

Twisted o-rings, twisted o rings, or Quick Connect belts

Twisted o-rings are commonly referred to as twisted o rings, quick connect belts, temp bands and cloth twisted o ring. There are the rope twisted o rings and the polyurethane twisted o rings.

Twisted o-rings are an excellent addition for lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyors, diverts, and transfer belts in the material handling industry.

Quick connect belt

These belts also known as “bands” are used on conveyors when time is essential. Their “quick connect” allows you to replace your O Rings without breaking down your conveyor system. Which results in virtually zero downtime so more product can make it out the door. Typically, when a polyurethane o ring needs to be replaced this means the conveyor system needs to be shut down for hours stopping productivity. Twisted O Rings get things moving again quickly and easily. Whether you use them as a temp solution or for up to 14 months. They are a great help in busy distribution centers.

twisted poly o ring

There are two types of twisted o-rings or twisted o rings on the market. We manufacture a rope twisted o-ring and also offer the twisted poly o ring that is on the market. The two have completely different uses.


The poly twisted o-ring is as it sounds is made from polyurethane. The advantages of this poly twisted o-ring is that it is easy to install. It is a great product to use if you are trying to keep your system going until it is time to do scheduled maintenance and install polyurethane o rings. These seem to have a three to four month lifespan so it helps keep things moving. We sell thousands of these poly twisted o-rings and they are great for a getting your conveyors running again.

cotton with an elastic core

The second type of twisted o-ring is made from cotton with an elastic core. The rope twisted o-rings are a very new product on the market. They work exactly like the poly twisted o-rings with several exceptions:

  • The rope twisted o-rings stretch 32%. This gives them more elasticity and more pulling power- great for areas such as curves that constantly have failing polyurethane o rings and excellent for long straight sections.
  • These rope twisted o-rings will be shorter than your actually size due to their stretch. This is normal.
  • The rope twisted o-rings last 10-14 months!!!! This gives you much more time to scheduled maintenance on your conveyor system or chose to use the twisted rope o rings permanently.
  • The rope elastic material does not freeze on the rope twisted o-rings. Temperature adjustments will not affect them.
  • We manufacture them in any length and diameter so they can be used on your pop up diverters and in place of your transfer belts that are so difficult to replace.
twisted o-rings

The only issue with the rope twisted o-rings is getting the proper size. If there is a mismeasurement the bands can pop either in the first two weeks or in the first three months. Not to worry, we guarantee the rope twisted o-rings with a 100% money back guarantee and we keep all sizes in stock to overnight the correct size at no charge to you if there was a mismeasurement. You can see different sizes on our online shop. Just click the shop button on the upper right and it will recommend the rope twisted size if you know your current poly o ring size. Try one today.

We are here to make your conveyors run easier with less downtime. We also will do surveys at no charge to you. We will come out to your facility to see how we can help your facility run more efficiently.

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