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Twisted Polyurethane O-Rings Clear or Black (1/4″)

Product Code: Twisted Polyurethane O-Rings Clear or Black (1/4")

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Ensure smooth and efficient conveyor systems with Superior Bands’ poly twisted O-rings.

Like any machine, line-shaft conveyors and other pulley-to-shaft systems wear out over time. You need to repair the components or replace parts to make them run efficiently again. While machine downtime is inevitable, you can stock up on quality parts to reduce it dramatically. This is where twisted polyurethane O-rings come in. These products feature materials and designs that can help your facility cut down on costs associated with equipment downtime.

Restore Full Operations Quickly with Poly Twisted O-rings

Poly twisted O-rings are a good alternative to the industry-standard endless poly O-rings. Our poly twisted O-rings come with the following specifications:

  • Hook-and-loop design
    Thanks to their hook-and-loop design, our polyurethane twisted O-rings are quick and easy to install. You no longer need to dismantle the drive shafts to install these O-rings. That can save you and your team thousands of hours in downtime in a year.
  • Stretchable material
    Poly twisted O-rings are manufactured using stretchable material (they can stretch from 15 to 17%). With these O-rings, you no longer have to procure and spend for belt tensioners. They are also non-fraying and non-marking, keeping your items protected against damage.
  • 83 A Durometer
    Our poly twisted O-rings can handle moderately heavy products traveling over the conveyor. You don’t have to worry that they will break quickly and halt your operations suddenly.
  • 1/4′′ Diameter
    At Superior Bands, our twisted polyurethane O-rings are available in different diameters. You can purchase the 1/4′′ variety right here on this page. Visit our shop to see other sizes.

Order Twisted Polyurethane O-Rings (1/4′′)

Buy twisted polyurethane O-rings (1/4′′) in bulk to stock up on these game-changing products. Bulk orders are discounted; you can get 1000 items at a 75% discount. With an adequate supply of poly twisted O-rings, you never have to wait for days or weeks again to restore full operations. Try our free sample products first, or place your bulk order above.

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × .25 × .25 in
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Clear, Black


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