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C-Clips for Spools

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Keep your line-shaft spools in place with superior plastic C-clips from Superior Bands.

Slipping spools can be a serious problem when you keep line-shaft conveyors running all day long. They can cause premature or uneven wear on the conveyor’s O-rings. In turn, the machine gets easily broken. That can lead to a significant downtime in operations and shorten the equipment life of your conveyors—all these translate to spending you could’ve easily avoided if you invested in one particular accessory: top-quality plastic C-clips.

Prevent Slipping Spools, Cut Down on Avoidable Repairs

Plastic C-clips aren’t required to have in line-shaft conveyors but are highly recommended. They are designed to be half-circles for easy installation. You just need to place a plastic C-clip on either side of each spool to clamp it efficiently. Plus, with that design, they can keep spools in place, prevent them from moving along the line shaft, and eliminate the chances of causing premature or uneven wearing of O-rings.

Above all, with spools working without causing damage to your conveyor shaft, you can cut down on avoidable repair costs. A plastic C-clip may be a simple addition to your machine setup, but it can have a huge impact on your productivity, operational costs, and efficiency.

Purchase Superior Bands’ Plastic C-Clips in Bulk

You can get up to a 30% discount if you buy our plastic c-clips in bulk. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade all your line-shaft conveyors and equip them with top-quality plastic c-clips. Plus, buying in bulk gives you a chance to keep your stocks at an optimal level and be prepared whenever your machines need replacement or your new conveyors need some upgrades.

If you’re ready to have your supplies of plastic c-clips, place your order here. And if you have more questions or want to request free product samples, feel free to reach out to our team.

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