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Nomex material is very expensive. We try to keep this material in stock so when belt / ribbons orders are placed, we can make your order right away. Sometimes we run out of  material and need to reorder this material. This can cause anywhere from 2-3 days to up to one week for us to get more material if we are currently out. If you are in a rush situation that can not wait up to 10 days. It is best to call or email and see where we are in the process. When you do place your order, our sales order will clearly show the ship date that we feel is within our power to deliver for you.


Use heat-resistant Nomex ribbons to boost the efficiency of your laundry flatwork ironers.

With well-functioning ironer ribbons, you can guarantee that your industrial laundry flatwork ironers will keep running efficiently. But like any parts or components, ironer ribbons get worn out, discolored, or even torn over time. Make sure to replace your ironer ribbons when necessary. Otherwise, you risk dealing with issues like uneven feeding or wrinkled fabrics.

At Superior Bands, we supply Nomex ribbons for laundry flatwork ironers. These are high-quality ribbons that are designed to withstand heat and sit directly on heated rollers.

Why Choose Nomex Ribbons?

Nomex is a top-quality fiber known for being inherently heat and flame-resistant. It won’t melt nor drip, providing a superior between a material and the hazards around it. Nomex products are also extremely durable. That’s why most firefighting suits are made from Nomex fibers.

When used for ironer ribbons, Nomex fabrics can help keep your operations safe against fire hazards. That’s highly beneficial since industrial laundry flatwork ironers often run at high temperatures. Also, with Nomex ironer ribbons, you can ensure that your feed ribbons won’t easily break. You can reduce costs associated with ironer downtime and parts replacement.

Why Buy Nomex Ironer Ribbons from Superior Bands?

  • High-quality products
    As a leading manufacturer that supports the laundry industry, we only use top-notch materials. In turn, our customers receive nothing but high-quality parts and components.
  • Quick shipment
    Missing ribbons can greatly impact your daily laundry and linen operations. Count on our team to ship your Nomex ribbons as quickly as possible.

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Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 6.00 × 1.00 in

6" Nomex

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