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Polycord – Various Diameters and Colors

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Make line-shaft, divert, or roller-to-roller O-rings with Superior Bands’ top-quality polycord.

Polycord is the standard material in manufacturing polyurethane O-ring drive belts. These O-rings are integral in boosting the efficiency of thousands of large distribution centers, industrial laundry machine facilities, and manufacturing businesses across the globe.

With polycord, you can make line-shaft O-rings, divert O-rings, or roller-to-roller O-rings onsite. This is a good product to have if you wish to create custom O-rings for specific applications. As long as your team has the skills and tools to work with polycord, stocking up on this product can help boost the productivity of your facility while keeping the costs down.

How Should You Choose a Polycord for Your Application?

At Superior Bands, our polycord comes in a variety of colors, diameters, and durometers:

  • Colors: clear, orange, green, and black
  • Diameters: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2″, and 9/16”
  • Durometers: 80A to 95 A

To help you decide, here are the most common uses for each color or style of polycord:

  • Clear, standard is for most standard O-ring applications.
  • Orange polycord has an 85A durometer perfect for divert applications (when transferring items or boxes between two or three conveyors).
  • Green polycord is for lightweight material handling (88A to 90A durometer).
  • High-tension polycord comes in various colors, including blue, green, and red. Often, it has an 88A durometer, making it perfect for heavyweight items.

No matter the type of polycord you purchase, it has to be cut and heat-welded together. Prepping the polycord is necessary to ensure efficient installation, especially if your team needs to disassemble the conveyor or remove the line-shaft rollers prior to installation.

Buy Superior Bands’ Polycord in Bulk

Our polycord has a solid core and is available in a spool of one foot or more. Place your bulk order for today and enjoy huge discounts. We’ll ship your order as soon as possible.

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