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Standard White Spool

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Stock up on white spools to keep your conveyor systems running efficiently.

Standard white spools are the go-to choice for most conveyor system applications. Whether you run industrial laundry machine operations or large distribution centers, stocking up on one-piece spools can help keep your facility ready for any sudden conveyor downtime.

Store One-Piece Spools as They May Come in Handy

While it’s good to upgrade to split spools or use keyed spools for inclines and curves, there’s still value in keeping an optimal inventory level of standard white spools. In instances where other spool varieties aren’t recommended, you can turn to one-piece spools to make your conveyor systems work again. Just make sure to store an adequate supply of plastic C-clips to keep these one-piece spools in place and avoid the costly impact of slipping spools.

At Superior Bands, we supply one-piece spools in white for easy identification. They fit 1′′ diameter line shafts, which are the standard for most conveyor systems. Don’t hesitate to stock up on these top-quality one-piece spools, as they may come in handy anytime.

Buy Standard White Spools from Superior Bands in Bulk

Our standard spools are available at a competitive price. Here are their measurements:

  • 1′′ diameter
  • 1.23′′ wide
  • 1.96′′ tall

Buy standard white spools in bulk to get your facility prepared should two or 20 of your conveyors need spool replacement on the same week or month. For large orders, we offer huge discounts. For instance, you can enjoy 40% OFF on 1000 standard white spools.

Place your order today. Simply fill out the order details above and hit the add-to-cart button. Are you still undecided about buying white spools in bulk? We give out free sample products. Try them out before placing an order for a thousand pieces. Contact us for more questions.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 1.96 × 1.23 × 1.96 in


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